JACET 11th English Education Seminar (Saitama, 2023)

Theme: English Education Aimed by the New Course of Study Guidelines: What Can Universities Do?

The academic year 2023 marks the second year after the implementation of all the new Course of Study Guidelines from elementary school to high school. In the year 2017, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) established the new Course of Study aimed at fostering "zest for living” to empower each individual to become a creator of the future in an unpredictable era. With the advent of the Reiwa era, the importance of cultivating “zest for living” has become even more crucial, amidst the rapid spread of the COVID-19 and the resulting swift digitization and diversification of society.

In March 2023, the 4th Joint Seminar (49th Summer Seminar, 10th English Education Seminar) was held under the theme of "English Education under the New Course of Study: Collaboration between Pre-tertiary and Tertiary Institutions." Through symposiums and presentations, attempts were made to facilitate collaboration and coordination between different educational institutions. The theme of the 11th English Education Seminar scheduled for March 2024 is “English Education Aimed by the New Course of Study Guidelines: What Can Universities Do?” This seminar aims to explore English education in universities from the perspective of what has changed (or what has remained unchanged) under the new Course of Study, particularly in high school English education. We will learn what high school students entering university in the near future have been learning in their English classes, and their proficiency in English. Based on this understanding, it will be necessary for university educators to consider what universities can do, such as a review of university admissions exams. This seminar will provide an opportunity for teachers to learn about the new Course of Study for high schools, as well as about textbooks approved by the MEXT.






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