The 48th JACET Summer Seminar

The 48th JACET Summer Seminar (Online, 2021)

Theme: Changing Times, Changing Instruction, Changing Materials: How Should We Respond?

Dates: August 25th and 26th, 2021


With the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, transformations in the field of education are occurring at an unprecedented speed. Many colleges and universities have had to shift from providing classes in standard face-to-face settings to delivering classes through online conferencing systems. This change has had a major impact on forms of communication and textbook use. It has demonstrated that changes may occur regarding the teacher’s role and their qualifications. These abrupt changes, which have been imposed upon us, have left us with major inconsistencies and a variety of problems.

As we anticipate changes in curriculums, evaluations methods, and teachers’ roles, we would like to explore, at this seminar, teaching methods and instructional materials which help us adapt to technological innovations and changes in the educational landscape. For “teaching materials” to truly serve as “learning materials,” this seminar will feature lectures and workshops in which participants can discuss this issue. We wish to take into consideration the viewpoints of not only those who teach, but also of our supporting members who create teaching materials, and of the students and learners who use these materials.

August 25th (Wednesday)

13:30-13:35Opening address9th President: Dr. Masaki Oda
13:35-15:05PresessionCoordinator:Paul McBride
13:35-13:50Introduction about the seminarAtsuko Watanabe
13:50-14:50Preview talks  Dr. Le Van Canh (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)  Dr. Jihyeon Jeon (Ewha Woman’s University, Korea) Dr. Judy Noguchi (Prof. Emerita of Kobe Gakuin University)
14:50-15:05Wrap-up of the previewCoordinator: Dr. Noguchi
15:30-17:00Information Exchange MeetingCoordinator: Shun Morimoto Discussion with the sponsoring members.
17:05 – 18:00Reflection and Networking in Summer Seminar 1

August 26th (Thursday)

9:30 – 10:40Lecture 1Dr. Le Van Canh  (Moderator: Paul McBride)
10:50 – 12:00Lecture 2Dr. Jeon Jihyeon  (Moderator: Jody Yuri Yujobo)
12:00 – 12:30Breakout sessions
12:30 – 13:30Break
13:30 – 14:40Lecture 3Dr. Judy Noguchi  (Moderator: Etsuko Sasai)
14:50 -15:10Sharing & DiscussionCoordinators: Yoko Kobayashi              Wakako Kobayashi              Hirofumi Hosokawa
15:10 -16:10Whole Group DiscussionCoordinator: a seminar committee member
16:10 -16:20Closing AddressTakayuki Hara
16:20 – 17:20Reflection and Networking in Summer Seminar 2

Day 1


13:35 – 15:05

Pre-session is an opportunity for the lecturers to introduce themselves and for the audience to prepare by learning the scope and breadth of the themes of the main lectures to be delivered on August 26th. The pre-session is comprised of the following three parts: 1.) seminar introduction, 2.) preview talk, and 3.) preview wrap-up. The pre-session is to be conducted through a Zoom link that will be made accessible to participants prior to the event.

Introduction about the seminar 13:35-13:50

The introduction engages the audience in reflecting on the year 2020. It will then shift focus to the present in accordance with the theme: Changing Times, Changing Instruction, Changing Materials: How Should We Respond? The participants will be encouraged to ask themselves what has changed in terms of teaching method, materials, and communication with others. What things have not changed that should be changed? The introduction also outlines the content of the two-day seminar.

Preview talks 13:50-14:50

The preview talks is the time for the lecturers, Dr. Le Van Canh, Dr. Jihyeon Jeon, and Dr. Judy Noguchi, and the audience to get to know each other. In addition to introducing themselves, the three lecturers will provide a brief overview of their respective lectures scheduled for the second day of the seminar. Each lecturer will pose questions or issues to the audience for consideration prior to the lecture.

Wrap up of the preview 14:50-15:05

Dr. Judy Noguchi will wrap up the preview talks led by the three lecturers. Following the wrap-up will be an opportunity for participants to pose questions directly to the lecturers as well as to themselves for generating dialogue on the topics at hand.

Day 2


9:30 – 16:20

Lecture 1, Lecture 2 & Lecture 3 9:30-14:40

In the lectures, the three lecturers, Dr. Le Van Canh, Dr. Jihyeon Jeon, and Dr. Judy Noguchi will give us their lectures on the theme respectively.

Breakout sessions 12:00-12:30

The breakout sessions is an opportunity for the audience to meet and talk to the other participants. In an informal setting, the participants can discuss and exchange views in terms of what they have learned in the lectures.

Sharing & Discussion 14:50-16:10

Sharing & discussion is the time for the participants to consolidate and share what they have learned in the two-day seminar. Through group discussion and the whole group discussion, they will engage in review and reflection of their learning in the seminar.